tisdag, februari 20, 2007

Lance Ward: let's repeat...

Hey Lance,

The last time we spoke I covered the different ways you shouldn't use your stick, but you seem to not understand what constitutes a spearing. It's when you poke the blade end of your hockey stick towards the opposite team's player's back, tummy or groin.

Thing is, when you spear, you don't play - because once the refs sees you they send you away for the night. That's because it is considered very dangerous (and stupid, I might add). Pelle Prestberg, says hi and Emil Kåberg really needs to get back to you about that chicken sign. Just you wait...

Next time we'll cover how dangerous it could be to punch someone in the neck when they stand next to the boards. Especially if there is a risk of the helmet coming off in the hit. Jörgen Jönsson will show you all about that.

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stina sa...

här har man varit på yoga och chillat och missat kriget på isen. tack för uppdatering. om än något oroande sådan.


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