onsdag, september 28, 2005

Kul kampanj, 400 spänn i potten

From: "xxx"

Date: den 28 september 2005 17:46
Subject: Tiga wants to WIN....
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Hi everybody
below is the email I just received from Tiga and he asked me to pass it to all of you.
Who could refuse such an offer ?
All the best,

Hi, my name is tiga..... I need to get into the TOP 20 best DJs on the planet otherwise I will go crazy. Please support me.....if you DO vote for me, I will pay you each 50$, maybe.

Love from montreal




3 kommentarer:

kick ass sa...

maybe baby

men borde hursom inte subject-rads-författaren fetat lite annorlunda?

typ: Tiga WANTS to win

Check Yourselfish sa...

mmm, men Xlxn Xlxexaxk kanske inte ville fokusera på viljan utan på vinnandet?

kick ass sa...



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