onsdag, april 27, 2005

Svenska eller english? Dunno.

At my copywriting class we discussed good ways to improve writing style and one suggestion was to CONSTANTLY write.

Every single day. Why not a diary? my teacher said.

Yeah, why the hell not.

Or a BLOG?

Today I was called back to a second interview for a position as communicator at Västerviks Kommun. Wonder what that means... Tomorrow we'll know more.

Stayed up late last night to (almost) reach deadline with my Form One- and Looptroop-articles for Quote Magazine. Cool movies never get good viewing times, but the Kanal5-airing of "Hit Man" at 03.00 - 05.00 is kinda rediculous. I didn't catch the end of it, anyone want to fill me in from when Tyrone Tacket gets captured by the bad guys? Is there more gratitous nudity from Pammy Greir? Who made the soundtrack?

Today's music is delivered by The Byrds, Looptroop (the tremendous "Fort Europa") and Form One's more than promising albumsampler. Now I gotta exercise.

Can't decide whether to watch girlie soap "Providence" or an old episode of the super cool Tommy Boy-series "Kung Faux" while riding the bike...

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kick ass sa...

kul du
egen blog och allt!

jag röstar fö på att du ska se providence,
måste väl vara bäst ur cliffhangersynpunkt..?


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